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At its heart, the reality of sex work is rather dull and pedestrian. The main reason that people go into sex work is neither because of predatory gangsters, nor to indulge some uncontrollable nymphomania: It’s all about money. It’s about the need to pay your rent, put gas in your car, and buy groceries. Like becoming a waitress, a store clerk, a plumber, or a mechanic, going into sex work is driven by the economics of everyday life. If we were start to think of it as being primarily about work instead of sex, the headlines would quickly become much less sensational. “I think that media coverage needs to be less of a dichotomy between people who freely and happily choose the sex industry and people who are coerced into the sex industry,” [Audacia] Ray says. “Because there’s a vast gray area of economic circumstances in between. Economic circumstances are the reason most people enter the sex industry. I think coverage and conversations about that need to be much more complex.”

What is it with restaurants that take your name for an order now? Its none of your goddamn business what my name is. So I always give them a bullshit name like thumper or Osama or 42, and they give me such a look, like “why aren’t you cooperating?”

There’s a whole generation of kids growing up that have no sense of the freedom we has growing up in the 80s. Every purchase we made wasn’t dissected, monitored, and put into a database and when we went to the library to research something, the library didn’t take that opportunity to learn more about us. When I was 14 I’d get on my bike after school and do a 50 mile trip and yeah, I’d let my parents know where I was going, but oh no! No cel phone and no GPS!