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p663 asked:

Ms. Tara, I love the tattoo style artwork! Any chance you have to post more would be greatly appreciated. Love, C. P. S. I'm gonna have one tattooed on me, hope you don't mind, they're fucking fabulous.

Ooh, show me when you have it done, ok?  Which one did  you pick?

Who wants to take a shot at coloring my artwork?

Who out there is skilled in coloring ink drawings?  (you know, like comic book colorists).  If you have computer coloring chops, would you like to take a shot at coloring some of my recent pieces of black and white art?

If so, write to me here and point me to where I can see some samples of your work  (like on deviantart, etc..).  If I feel it’s a good match, I’ll send you a bitmap high res .TIF of some pieces and we’ll go from there.

I have (and still do ) colored things in photoshop, but I’d love to see some other people’s interpertations on my inks.  So don’t be shy!


peoplecallmethepoet asked:

Hello there. I've just found your this blog of yours and I like what I've seen and read. I saw your pics with the confederate flag in them and the 'asks' complaining about the choice of flag; which personally, given the context, I have no issue with. I just wondered how you are today? And how things are going with you, generally speaking?

Yeah, in honestly I think that Southern people (who might hold that flag in reverence) will be offended that I am insinuating that southern girls are whores wearing skimpy clothes who pose on, well.. lawnmowers.  When you think about it I’m sorta dirtying that flag, aren’t I?

The flag I just sorta put in there because I needed backgroud elements and it was a farmer’s daughter sort of setting.  Actually no one except one person had a real issue with it, and I don’t think they _got _ it, to be honest.