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What is it with restaurants that take your name for an order now? Its none of your goddamn business what my name is. So I always give them a bullshit name like thumper or Osama or 42, and they give me such a look, like “why aren’t you cooperating?”

There’s a whole generation of kids growing up that have no sense of the freedom we has growing up in the 80s. Every purchase we made wasn’t dissected, monitored, and put into a database and when we went to the library to research something, the library didn’t take that opportunity to learn more about us. When I was 14 I’d get on my bike after school and do a 50 mile trip and yeah, I’d let my parents know where I was going, but oh no! No cel phone and no GPS!

I want to see the French version of “The Dukes of Hazzard”

Ah, I can see it now.  “Les Dauphins de Bordeux”  

Bombing around the wine country of the Loire River valley, Beau and Luc Dauphin making illegal pignot noir wine, in a souped up old Renault R17 Gordini with the doors welded shut, number “07” (with the little - in the 7) on the doors, nicknamed “the General Charles De Gaulle”.. always on the run from the incompetent French police, the Surete.

Their sexy cousin Belle Dauphine, the car chases down narrow cobblestone streets, jumping over rivers over half ruined old Roman bridges…

(oh wait, now I’ve infuriated an entire country!  Seriously, I do love France and most of French culture.)


cantrelate asked:

You should seriously know better than to put a confederate flag in your shoots. Shame.

taraemory answered:

Seriously? Not even for what is clearly a redneck-themed shoot?

Ever watch the Dukes of Hazzard

I’m not saying I support the south of any of that shit, but geez, allow me to play a character in my shoots, what don’t ya?

I had this set up over a week ago, if anyone thinks this is any sort of comment in what’s going down in Missouri its not. It was just a daisy duke type shoot and had no meaning any further than that. Once upon a time I did a trailer trash shoot where I posed with a shotgun (well, it was fake). It doesn’t mean i support the NRA or anything like that. I fucking hate guns And you know why I stopped watching the news? Because its the same shit over and over again. Gaza, Etc etc. nobody is learning jack shit from history and its all just repeating itself. I know that sounds horribly jaded, but after watching 20 years if this stuff over and over and no progress, you kind of throw up your hands and realize nothing’s getting any better and even the younger generation isn’t getting any better.


Wow, so stereotyping and making fun of southerners and whites is ok but God forbid people do that about blacks.

^apparently doesn’t understand what white privilidge is^

White people make fun of white people all the time, and , I assume, black people will poke fun at themselves all the time too, but NO, it’s not right for white people to make fun of black people,and hey if black people want to make fun of white people, me , as a self admitted white person, just accept that it’s gonna happen and we treated them like shit for hundreds if not thousands of years so yeah, whatever, we have it coming for a while still until its ancient history (at some point, people from Babylonia stopped being pissed at the Romans, right. When is the last time you met someone in India that was still pissed about Alexander the Great, and cursing all Greeks, right?)

So I did a shoot that was southern flavored, and oh hey, it’s tranny porn too. I only thought of it as playful and slutty, nothing else.

There was a gifset a while back, that had two cartoon birds making bird-pun jokes to each other, and then a person standing next to them is dismayed that he can’t make those jokes, and they reply “hey, we can say these things to each other”, just like I can use all those slutty tranny terms to describe my porn.

Look, Im not going to get everything right , but I don’t want to have to apologize for my art.  Did you see my Fourth of July shoot, where there were ‘Merican flags EVERYWHERE?  Hell, I did that one and I felt kinda dirty, so I did a shoot with a Stars and Bars as a counterpoint..  I only thought of it in a Daisy Duke sort of way.

BTW, the Dukes of Hazzard? I’ve only caught a little of it rerunning on TV, and it’s almost liberal by todays standards.  It’s basically an affectoinate, silly 80’s show about the south that’s mostly about hunky cousinsdudes with shirts unbuttoned to far below the Mason Dixon line, and  their sexually liberated female cousin.  They never hit you over the head with the Bible Belt stuff, and I’m pretty sure they made it clear that the Duke Boys weren’t racists, even if the General Lee had the Confederate Flag on the roof.  It was really a car fetishist show that was a take off of the popular Smokey and the Bandit movie, back when you could make a show where a car was a main character.


John Lennon “got it” when he was 28.

..and wrote “revolution”, the famously anti revolutionary revolutionary song.

Even in his youth he pretty much three his hands in the air and said “I dunno!” Later on he did get behind all sorts of causes but even then backed away and said “you know, I think we’re just gonna have a kid and disappear for a while”…

Like I said I don’t know anymore what to make of the crap going down in the world today. When you approach 40 you don’t see things the same way you did when you were 20 or even 30.

Tumblr sucks sometimes.

Yeah, tumblr, I’m talking to you.

A while back, I guess when things were flaring up in Gaza, someone (pretty clearly on the non Israeli side) had posted a picture of a baby, and how something like the Israeli bombing had killed the mother as she gave birth and how like the next day the hospital got bombed and killed the baby the next day- and I’m sure some of you saw it. Even a few of my friends reported this.

And the majority of the replies were along the lines of “NEVER FORGET”, and I chose to not belong or follow this because to my eyes, what I saw was this.

I couldn’t figure if it was a call to arms or a condemnation of war and conflict in general. Seems like an equal amount if people were gonna latch on it as a excuse to perpetuate a thousands years if assholes not working out their differences, as people like me are like fucking fed up with that goddamn Middle East shit already.

Get your fucking crap together Middle East and quit all the bullshit, I’m fed up with it. Work your shit out, however you do it, I don’t fucking care any more. Where I live, we don’t have ethnic strife between Rhode Islanders and ethnic Massachusettsians (oh wait, they’re “Massholes”, right?)

Back after 9/11, there was a whole lot of “never forget!” stuff going around, and I saw people twisting it like it was a huge revenge thing, you know, “let’s bomb them back to the Stone Age”,that sort of crap.

I dunno, I was one if the few people who was like “yeah, maybe we _should_ ignore terrorism, don’t they want us to be all scared and paralyzed and oh no! The stock market crashed and its chaos in America?” Maybe we ought to let that crap roll off our backs and be like “oh, did you just throw a small rock at my huge tank, I think you scratched the paint”.

I dunno. I’m not really sure what I’m saying but I’m finding the younger generation is just as guilty in perpetuating the same Bullshit As Usual as the previous generation did.

I haven’t commented much in the Ferguson protests, I admit it, I haven’t been following much of any news that much (I literally don’t watch TV at all). To me, I see that story and I’m like,” nothing new, white cops are dicks and gun down black kids, welcome to America, it sucks”

Obviously I hope there’s real justice this time, but we ain’t learned anything from Rodney King and the LA riots 20 years ago.