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To the person who has recently betrayed my trust. I know who you are.

I know what you did.

And while I can understand you thinking that it was a victimless crime, it hurts me the most for me to have offered my friendship and trust and to have had it used against me.

I thought you were a person who needed guidance, who needed good role models. I offered that for you, and if any part of you has any dignity and wants to improve, you WILL do the right thing and at least admit your mistake to me.

I understand it was a crime of opportunity, out of desperation. At some point in our lives we have been there. If you come forward now, it’s not too late and I can be a very forgiving person.

But if you don’t, this will haunt your soul for a very long time, and if we still work together, I will never offer my support or trust again.

Come forward now. I’d rather help you than have you resort to doing the thing you did. And if you come forward now we can admit it was a mistake and you won’t be punished.

You know who you are. And so do I.